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Dynamical Modeling and Control of Current-Output Converters

M. Hankaniemi(1*), T. Suntio(2)

(1) Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Power Electronics, Finland
(2) Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Power Electronics, Finland
(*) Corresponding author



A switched-mode converter operates usually as a constant-voltage-controlled or voltage-output converter with well-known characteristics. In the applications, where the converters have to recharge a storage battery or supercapacitor, they have to be provided with overcurrent limiting in order to protect them from damage due to the extremely low internal impedance of those energy storage devices. The change from the voltage-output mode to the current-output mode would also change the dynamics of the associated converter profoundly, which is not really understood. The type of load may, however, recover the properties of the voltage-output converter making the control design challenging. The paper provides consistent methods to develop the dynamical models of the current-output converter from the models of the corresponding voltage-output converter. Experimental evidence is provided validating the theoretical findings.
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Current-Output Converter; Dynamical Model; Control Design

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