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Nonconvex Economic Environmental Load Dispatch Using Fuzzy Based Squirrel Search Algorithm

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Dangerous emanation of gases and nano particles from fossil fuels during power generation taints the air leading to long lasting destruction to the environment. To handle this issue, wider research works in various points of view are conducted to reduce the fuel cost in addition to the harmful gases emission. The aforementioned power generation problem is named as economic environmental load dispatch problem. In this study, a novel fuzzy based squirrel search algorithm is presented to solve the non-convex economic environmental load dispatch problem. The valve point loading effects formulate the problem as a non-convex optimization issue. Since, the two objective functions (cost and emissions) are contradictory practices; a fuzzy based concessive technique is utilized to designate the best concessive solution from the non-dominated solution set. In order to substantiate the competence of the suggested framework, the simulations are executed on different case studies and compared with recently published techniques. Simulation results divulge that the fuzzy based squirrel search algorithm performs better than the other compared techniques to efficiently solve the economic environmental load dispatch problem.
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Bi-Objective Problem; Economic Load Dispatch; Economic Environmental Load Dispatch Problem; Squirrel Search Algorithm

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