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Designing Spiral Electrical Heaters of Industrial Hydraulic Press Plates

Alexey Glebov(1), Sergey Karpov(2*), Sergey Karpushkin(3), Kirill Kornilov(4)

(1) Department of Computer Integrated Systems in Mechanical Engineering, Tambov State Technical University, Russian Federation
(2) Department of Computer Integrated Systems in Mechanical Engineering, Tambov State Technical University, Russian Federation
(3) Department of Computer Integrated Systems in Mechanical Engineering, Tambov State Technical University, Russian Federation
(4) Department of Computer Integrated Systems in Mechanical Engineering, Tambov State Technical University, Russian Federation
(*) Corresponding author



The manuscript studies the task of designing non-standard spiral electric heaters for plates of hydraulic presses. In such plates, the heaters are placed inside the slots’ of special configurations filled with an electrical insulator. When designing such heaters, the main problem involves choosing the surface power and slots geometry in which the heater temperature does not exceed the set limit, given that heating power is provided. To resolve this problem, the repeated calculation of the stationary temperature field of the heater is required, the methodology of which has not been previously considered in scientific publications. The stationary adiabatic surface of the heating coil corresponds to its geometry, which is a helicoid, offset from the heater along its axis by half a step of a coil. It is sufficient to consider 1/16 of a coil to calculate the temperature field of a straight helix, placed inside a slots of a square section and 1/4 of a coil in order to calculate a curved helix. The manuscript discusses the effect of the helix bending on its temperature. Previously, surface power was determined based on experimental studies. The proposed approach allows replacing an expensive long-term physical experiment with a numerical one.
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Calculation of Temperature Field; Electric Spiral Heater; Finite Element Method; Helicoids; Stationary Adiabatic Surface

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