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A Practical Study of a Rectangular Basin Solar Distillation with Single Slope Using Paraffin Wax (PCM) Cells

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One of the most effective methods of solar water desalination without energy exhaustion is the use of thermal energy storage materials such as paraffin wax (PCM). These materials have been approved as one of the most acceptable alternatives for energy supply in distillation plants. These materials (sensible and latent) are used in the solar still to store energy in sunshine hours and release in evening hours to increase production at nighttime. In this study, the effect of using PCM Cells was investigated experimentally in a rectangular-basin solar still with a single slope, and according to Kirkuk city climate in Iraq. Two solar stills were investigated in the current work using two different techniques for the desalination process. The first type (A) is a simple type saline water distiller, which represents the conventional distiller with single inclined from the horizontal (30 degrees). The second type (B) is a suggested type with an integrated PCM in the basin. The basin coated with black colour to absorb the greatest amount of solar energy. Amount of water distilled produced from the two patterns collected in a similar working condition and compared to indicate the performance enhancement. The results showed that starting from the early hours till 5 pm, the accumulated water volumes for solar distillation type A is more than that of solar distillation type B, due to the absorbed part of solar heat energy (charging process) by the PCM. After 5 pm the productivity of type B becomes more than type A, where the paraffin wax becomes a source of heat energy up to the end of the day (discharging process). Generally, the ratio of water productivity for type B is increased by about 32% than that of type A over the long day period.
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Paraffin Wax; Cells; Saltwater Temperature; Single Slope; Productivity

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