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A Review on Recent Sizing Methodologies for Hybrid Microgrid Systems

Mohammed Kharrich(1), Omar Hazem Mohammed(2*), Mohammed Y. Suliman(3), Mohammed Akherraz(4)

(1) Mohammed V University, Mohammadia School of Engineers, Morocco
(2) Northern Technical University, Technical College of Mosul, Iraq
(3) Northern Technical University, Technical College of Mosul, Iraq
(4) Mohammed V University, Mohammadia School of Engineers, Morocco
(*) Corresponding author



The cost-effectiveness and the reliability are essential for hybrid microgrid systems. The design of hybrid microgrid configuration depends on the meteorological data and the load. Hybrid microgrid systems are composed of traditional  or/and renewable energy sources, the sizing problems is solved using different  methods, as stochastic algorithms, software tools, and the classical one. However, the objective functions are categorised into multiple aspects. The economic is the key for the sizing problems that aiming to decrease the cost of the investment/energy, the technology that seeks to ensure high reliability of the system with good availability of the energy sources, and the environment that helps to evaluate the carbon dioxide  emission in order to clean the planet from the pollution. Furthermore, the sizing should be considered by the social that assesses the capability of the hybrid system to produce energy, which is computed as the human development index (HDI). This paper tries to present a recent review of the sizing methodologies for the hybrid microgrid systems, besides a decisive comparison of single algorithms, hybrid algorithms, and software tools used for sizing hybrid microgrid systems. In addition, an assessment of all the possible economic, technical, environmental, and social indices is also presented.
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Optimal Sizing; Optimization Techniques; Hybrid Microgrid Renewable Energy System

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