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Analysis of the Penetration of Distributed Generation in Distribution Systems Based on Modified Monte Carlo Simulation

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This paper presents a new framework to analyze the penetration of distributed generation (DG) in distribution systems (DS) based on modified Monte Carlo simulation. The placement and capacity of DG are generated as random variables with probability density functions following the optimality principle of the system. The method of power flows analysis is employed to evaluate the economic and technical aspect of the network both with and without DG sources inside. The results in different scenarios are combined with weighted factors to form the performance indices. The proposed framework is testified in a practical 15 MVA, 22 kV, 48-bus DS in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam. The simulation result shows that many advantages can be achieved with DG such as lower power losses, smaller voltage deviation, over-load reduction, etc. The proposed framework can serve as a platform for DS planning with DG sources in practice.
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Distributed Generation; Distribution System; Photovoltaics; Monte Carlo Simulation; Power Flow Analysis

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