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Adaptive PI Control Strategy for Microgrid Performance Enhancement

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Microgrids attain a significant role in electrical power systems due to their practical and economic benefits. A novel application of an adaptive Proportional plus Integral (PI) controller with the purpose of improving the microgrid performance is presented in this paper. The control strategy of the adaptive PI controller is based on Widrow-Hoff adaptation technique. The efficiency of the suggested controller is proved by comparing its outcomes with that obtained by utilizing Flower Pollination algorithm (FPA) which is used to fine tune the PI controller parameters of the inverter based microgrid. The utilized multi-objective optimization problem used by the FPA is created by the Response Surface Methodology (RSM). Simulation results are carried out using PSCAD/EMTDC environment to check the validity of the proposed control strategy. The simulation results are tested under various operating states such as 1) conversion of the system from grid connected to stand alone mode of operation, 2) subjecting the system to three line to ground fault in the autonomous mode, and 3) exposing the system to the load variability in the islanded mode.
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Adaptive PI Controllers; Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA); Microgrid; Optimization Methods; Power System Control; Power System; Response Surface Methodology (RSM); Widrow Hoff Adaptation Technique

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