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Grid-Connected Plug-in Electric Vehicles Charging Stations Energy Management and Control

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Electric Vehicles have become a reality that offers a cleaner alternative for transportation. The design and realization of Electric Vehicles (EVs) charging stations are therefore crucial in order to cover the demand for electric energy from the large number of electric vehicles and contribute to main grid ancillary services. The charging station made up of a bidirectional AC/DC-DC/AC converter for the grid interface and several DC-DC converters for EVs charge and discharge management of the Electric Vehicles batteries. This work deals with the energy management and control of the EVs charging stations with a simulation system to evaluate the performance of the charging stations in G2V, V2G and V2V modes of operation.
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Electric Vehicle; Charging Station; Bidirectional AC/DC-DC/AC Converter; Bidirectional DC/DC Converter; Battery Charge and Discharge Control

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