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Hybrid Storage System Energy Management Based on a Predictive Current Controller

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In this paper a predictive current controller for Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) is presented in DC microgrid applications, the HESS system include Oxide Solid Fuel Cell (OSFC) power plant, battery and SuperCapacitor (SC). The classical PI controller can cause occurrence of steady-state errors, slower dynamic response and it is happened when a load step change occur. This paper deals with one possible solution based on incremental modification of the predictive control algorithm. This combinations can ensure not only the consequent change of the control actions and removes the loss effect from the control weighting in the optimization criterion, but also provide an effective and efficient energy storage, increase the lifetimes for the HESS and maintains the stat of charge in operating region.
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OSFC; DC-DC Converter; HESS; PI Controller; Predictive Controller (PC)

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