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Relative Daily Contribution of Household Cooking Equipment to the Peak Period Electricity Demand: a Case Study of UK Households

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The cooking equipment and appliances in the households of the United Kingdom have been found to be a highly accountable for increasing the electricity consumption in the UK households. The peak demand and the stress about today’s electricity suppliers are triggered by the time of usage of the electrical cooking appliances and equipment. Thus, it is essential to know when these appliances are used in order to determine their daily contribution. However, there is very little information available about when and how the cooking appliances are used. This study considers the time of use of major cooking appliances according to quantitative study in UK for both the summers and the winter’s usage time. These appliances daily demand was estimated by analysing the data collected from 381 respondents from the United Kingdom. The relative daily contribution and peak time contribution have been calculated and presented to determine which appliances have a significant effect on the household’s demand at a certain time interval.
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Cooking Appliances; Daily Demand; Peak Demand; Relative Contribution

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