Research on Battery Cell Thermal Characteristics

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The battery cell is simplified in this paper, and the material properties of the components and thermal sources in the cell are investigated accordingly. The correctness and practicability of simplified model are validated by experimental data, and the results indicate that the error between simulated data and experimental data is within 10% in full range of charge and discharge process. The influence of discharge rate, environment temperature, radiation and contact resistance are analyzed accordingly, and the results indicate that higher discharge rate will result in higher temperature, and higher environment temperature will result in higher final charge or discharge temperature. If the discharge rate is low, the effect of radiation on battery thermal characteristics will below 1.5°C. The influence of contact resistance on temperature variation is significant, and the maximum temperature inside the battery cell can increase 39.03°C with 5C discharge rate comparing with that without considering the contact thermal resistance
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Battery Cell; Thermal Characteristic; Experiment Verification; Numerical Simulation

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