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On Impedance Spectroscopy Contribution to Failure Diagnosis in Wind Turbine Generators

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Wind turbines proliferation in industrial and residential applications is facing the problem of maintenance and fault diagnosis. Periodic maintenances are necessary to ensure an acceptable life span. The aim of this paper is therefore to assess impedance spectroscopy contribution to the failure diagnosis of doubly-fed induction generator-based wind turbines. Indeed, impedance spectroscopy is already used for the diagnosis of batteries, fuel cells, and electrochemical systems. For evaluation purposes, simulations are carried-out on a 9-MW wind farm consisting of six 1.5-MW wind turbines connected to a 25-kV distribution system that exports power to a 120-kV grid. In this context, two common failures are investigated: phase grounding and phase short-circuits. In addition, generator stator resistance variation is also considered for performance evaluation of impedance spectroscopy
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