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Coefficient of Energy for Wheat Production in Savojbolagh, Iran

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The data of this research obtained by questionnaires, field operations and calculation results for the similar activities to calculate energy coefficient for wheat production in Savojbolagh. The data was analyzed by SPSS software and then compared. To show the effect of field area on energy coefficient, all of statistic examples were separated by four groups: less than 3 hectares, 3 to 5 hectares, 5 to 8 hectares and more than 8 hectares. According to number of farmers in the region, 60 questionnaires were distributed. The result showed that, energy coefficient for less than 3 hectares field areas with 32.74 GJha-1 was in minimum and 5 to 8 hectares field areas with 42.12 GJha-1 in maximum. Highest Energy coefficient for wheat production with 27.37 GJha-1 and 1.77 GJha-1 were for fuel of irrigation and electricity; and among the machinery operations it was 66.06 lha-1 for Combine and 54.73 lha-1 for plowing. Hence, Statistics of different field areas, showed no significant differences among field areas at 5% probability level. According to questionnaires, the average of energy efficient at the region was 37.75 GJha-1, However, it was 13.01 GJha-1 in real field operations with recommended adjustment of machines. In calculated values, minimum efficiency was 29.34 GJha-1 when speed of tractor is in minimum and soil of field is highest
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