Technique of Unballasting of Load in an Electrical Network Supply

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The unballasting of load is based, on the one hand, on the notion of the minimum and maximum frequency; i.e. ranges of acceptable frequency as well in transient as in statics for which are dimensioned the electric components, and other share, on the analysis of the electric characteristics of the system 5 moment of inertia time-constant and damping coefficient of the load). In this paper, we suggest a method of load’s unballasting in the Tunisian electric system through observation of the frequency and this, by introducing the method of frequency’s mixed criterion; this method combines the frequency’s unballasting with a technic that is based on the instantaneous frequency know as ROCOF (rate of change of frequency).
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Unballasting; Metric-Frequency; Mixed Criterion; Admitted Area of Improving Tendency; Area of Correcting Tendency; Instantaneous Variation of Frequency

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