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Extended Park Model for Torque Ripples Minimization of a Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine

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Sinusoidal motor’s mathematical models are usually obtained using classical d-q transformation. In this paper, a new inverse modeling for synchronous motors is presented. This modeling is based on the constant torque curves properties in the Concordia’s reference frame. It takes into consideration the non-sinusoidal character of magnetic field distribution, self and mutual inductances with respect to the angular rotor position. Torque control, in the extended Park referential, is achieved by two chief methods of current minimization.  The first one uses the optimal current that yields a constant instantaneous torque while minimizing copper losses and the second uses the sub-optimal current based on mean torque calculation. In this case, current reference and torque reference are expressed by polynomial function after normalization. The functions optimizing the mean torque are easy to implement and minimize both copper losses and torque ripples. Simulation and experimental results on DSP-based test bed are presented and shows the efficiency of the proposed method.
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Synchronous Machines; Permanent Magnets; Inverse Modeling; Torque Ripples; Optimization

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