A Reverse Engineering Approach for Specifying Semantic Web Service with Respect to MDA

D. Amar Bensaber(1*), D. Benslimane(2), M. Mimoun(3)

(1) LIRIS Laboratory, Claude Bernard University, France
(2) LIRIS Laboratory, Claude Bernard University, France
(3) EEDIS Laboratory, Computer Science Department, Sidi Bel Abbes University, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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Among the many challenges of using web services are the problems of specification, search, discovery, selection, composition, integration, substitution and evolution. Semantics, especially as supported by the use of ontologies, and related Semantic Web technologies, are likely to provide better qualitative and scalable solutions to these requirements. To address the need for semantically defined web services, OWL-S and WSML have been proposed as competing semantic web service languages. Consequently, we propose in this work a model driven approach for semantic web service development. The methodology is divided into three main steps. In the first step we reverse engineered WSDL documents into UML profile models that enable the use of high-level graphical models as an integration platform for semantic web services. In the second step, suitable domain ontologies are used for the semantic annotation of the UML models. Finally, in the third step a conversion tool will generate automatically the OWL-S description from these UML models. The UML profile provides flexibility as it can expresses multiple semantic web service concepts.
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WSDL; UML; MDA; Reverse Engineering; Semantic Web Service

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