A Microcontroller Based System for an Automatic Control of pH and Acidity Degree of Chemical Products

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In this work, a microcontroller based system for an automatic control of pH and acidity degree of chemical products is implemented. The acquisition chain consists of a commercial sensor TACUSSEL, an analogue signal processing unit and an Analogue to Digital Converter built in the microcontroller. A micrometric magnetic field pump is used to titrate products. The microcontroller drives the different parts of the system in real time. It measures the pH values, and then computes the different points of the differential pH curve using the gradient method. The maximal value corresponds to the equivalence point. Extensive analysis on known products such as the commercial vinegar, milk, acetic acid and water, shows that our results are in complete concordance with those using the Gran method.
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Microcontroller Based System; Equivalence Point; pH Control Techniques

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