Round Data Mailer Real-Time Protocol and its Message Delivery Performance

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The scope of real-time systems is ever expanding. New applications like automotive control, Internet multimedia and remote surgery are joining with traditional real-time systems like aircraft control and process control. The Nature of real-time applications is also changing towards distributed or even Grid-enabled ones. Communication protocols to handle the in-time delivery of messages between different processes of such application are an essential part of such systems. Token Ring, Controller Area Network, Time Division Multiple Access, and the newly designed Round Data Mailer are developed to fulfill the requirements of distributed real-time system’s communication. In this paper, we will focus on describing the characteristics of the Round Data Mailer and will compare its performance against both Token Ring and Controller Area Network protocols. Two important criteria of this comparison are end-to-end delay and freshness of delivered data. The results show that Round Data Mailer performs better and delivers fresher data to the consumers.
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Real-Time Communication Protocol; Round Data Mailer; Data Freshness

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