Vol 13, No 1 (2021)

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Mixing on Simple Planar Miniaturized Structures for Pretreatment and Chemical Analysis PDF
R. E. B. Leminski, R. R. Lima, E. W. Simões, M. L. P. da Silva 1-6

Diffusion Instability in Ternary Gas Mixture with Equal Molar Mass of Components PDF
V. N. Kossov, Yu. I. Zhavrin, I. V. Poyarkov, O. V. Fedorenko 7-9

Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Gas Stirred Ladle Used in the Secondary Metallurgy PDF
Héctor Zambrano, Alfonso Bencomo, Orlaynie Alén 10-13

Homann Flow and Heat Transfer Through a Porous Medium with Uniform Suction or Injection PDF
Hazem A. Attia, Mohamed E. S. Ahmed, Karem M. Ewis, Ibrahim H. Abd Elmaksood 14-18

Valorisation of Mineral Wastes in Ceramic Formulations Using Phase Diagrams as a Tool PDF
Janaína A. Junkes, Maria A. Carvalho, Fabiano Raupp-Pereira, Dachamir Hotza, Ana M. Segadães 19-26

Cassava Mash Process Handling PDF
Peter O. Kolawole, Leo S. Agbetoye, Simeon A. Ogunlowo 27-41

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