Vol 5, No 6 (2013)

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Enhanced Production of a Bacterial Surfactant on Statistical Screening of Operational Parameters PDF
Rita de Cássia F. S. da Silva, Raquel D. Rufino, Juliana M. Luna, Valdemir A. Santos, Leonie A. Sarubbo 363-369

Analysis of Absorption Heat Pump Coupled at Agro-Alimentary Dryer Operating by Solar Way PDF
Mustapha Douani, Abdallah Labbaci 370-378

XVI Computational Modeling Meeting

Alternative Propositions of Cross Wavelet Analysis for Use in a Transient Detection Problem PDF
A. Schuck Jr., A. Balbinot, J. R. Zabadal, B. E. J. Bodmann 380-386

Dynamic Optimization Applied to Fed-Batch Fermentation with Phases Identification PDF
Fran Sérgio Lobato 387-393

Acoustic Quality Parameters Used for Error Evaluation of Neural Networks Modeling for HRIRs Applied to Escape Training in Blind Conditions PDF
José F. L. Naranjo, Roberto A. Tenenbaum, Julio C. B. Torres 394-399

Uncertainty Quantification for Tracer Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media Using Two-Stage MCMC Method and Auto-Regressive Instrumental Distribution PDF
M. R. Borges, T. Jordem Pereira, H. P. Amaral Souto 400-408

An Image-Based Fluid Surface Pattern Model PDF
Mauro de Amorim, Ricardo Fabbri, Lucia Maria S. Pinto, Francisco D. Moura Neto 409-414

Characterization of Lightweight Cementitious Composites Reinforced with Piassava Fibers Using Mechanical Tests and Micro-Tomography PDF
Regilan M. Silva, Dany S. Dominguez, Joaquim T. Assis, Susana M. Iglesias 415-422

Development of a Computational Algorithm Applied to Calculate the Thermal Diffusivity in Conductive Canned Food PDF
Rubens Gedraite, Fran Sérgio Lobato, Davi Leonardo de Souza, Leo Kunigk 423-428

On Arbitrary Quantities in a Porous Medium with Incompressibility Constraint PDF
Antônio Santos Silva, Edilson de Jesus 429-434

Evaluation of Composites Based on Polypropylene and Glass Powder for Automotive Applications by Experimental Design PDF
Geysa N. Carneiro, Denis R. Dias, Antonio Henrique M. F. T. da Silva, Mônica C. de Andrade, Christine R. Nascimento, Ana Lúcia N. da Silva 435-440

FD Simulation of a Mixing Tank PDF
Henrique Z. C. Luz, Ardson S. Vianna Jr. 441-446

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