Vol 6, No 2 (2014)

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Retrospection with a New Purpose: Applying the Laplace Distribution to Chemical Engineering Problems PDF
Thomas Z. Fahidy 83-88

Removal of MVC from PVC Resin Using a Stripping Column PDF
Rodrigo F. Silva, Luiz Mário N. Góis 89-94

Computational Experiments with Flower Pollination Algorithm in the Calculation of Double Retrograde Dew Points PDF
Gustavo M. Platt 95-99

Effect of Rates of Aeration and Agitation on the Volumetric Coefficient of Oxygen Transfer in the Production of Bikaverin PDF
M. C. Chavez-Parga, G. Hinojosa-Ventura, R. Maya-Yescas, J. C. Gonzalez-Hernandez 100-107

Influence of Various Types of Fatty Acid Zinc Soaps on the Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Silica Filled Composites Based on Natural Rubber PDF
O. A. Al-Hartomy, A. A. Al-Ghamdi, S. A. Fahra Al-Said, N. Dishovsky, M. Mihaylov, M. Ivanov 108-115

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