Vol 6, No 1 (2014)

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Immobilization of Recombinant CGTase JCGT8-5 on Magnetically-Modified Silicates and Natural Supports PDF
V. Ivanova, K. Petrov, M. Safarikova, P. Petrova, A. Tonkova, N. Delchev 1-8

Production of Saturated Esters from Hydrolysis and Hydrogenation Simultaneous Process PDF
Carla C. C. M. da Silva, Ana Paula da Silva, Luzineide W. Tinoco, Isabelle Cândido de Freitas, Jussara Gonçalvez, Neyda Om Tapañes, Donato A. G. Aranda 9-14

Closed-Loop Identification and Performance Indexes of an Industrial Paperboard Machine PDF
A. M. Almeida, G. S. Silva, I. Neitzel, M. K. Lenzi 15-21

Bimetallic Platinum Catalysts for Paraffin Dehydrogenation PDF
S. B. Kogan 22-30

Comparative Analysis of Investments for Biodiesel Production with Help of Excel Spreadsheet PDF
Paulo Roberto Cisneiros Vieira, Valdemir Alexandre dos Santos 31-37

Spectroscopic Studies on the Degradation of Methylene Blue by Using TiO2 and TiO2 - (x) ZnFe2O4 PDF
Violeta Dimitrova Kassabova-Zhetcheva, Lilyana Parvanova Pavlova 38-43

Macro-Molecules as a Source of Levulinic Acid PDF
Johan Ahlkvist, Päivi Mäki-Arvela, Jyri-Pekka Mikkola 44-58

Vegetable Oils for Biodiesel Production as Friendly Energetic Alternative: the Case of Mexico PDF
D. Alvarez-Barrera, G. Segovia-Hernández, A. J. Castro-Montoya, R. Maya-Yescas, M. C. Chávez-Parga 59-67

Special Section on 5th CEAM 2013 - Virtual Forum

Experimental Investigation of Equilibrium Adsorption for Pure Propylene on 13X and Li- Modified 13X Zeolites PDF
F. Rahiminejad, M. Soleimani, A. Kargari, M. Takht Ravanchi, M. Songolzadeh 68-72

Immobilization of Beta-Cyclodextrin on to the Activated Carbon PDF
Mohammad Hassan Mahaninia, Tahereh Kaghazchi, Mansooreh Soleimani 73-76

Characterization of Polyethylene Decomposition Reactions Using the TG Curve PDF
D. Lázaro, E. Puente, M. Lázaro, D. Alvear 77-82

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