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Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Gas Stirred Ladle Used in the Secondary Metallurgy

Héctor Zambrano(1*), Alfonso Bencomo(2), Orlaynie Alén(3)

(1) Central University of Venezuela, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
(2) Central University of Venezuela, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
(3) Central University of Venezuela, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
(*) Corresponding author



The computational fluid dynamics study was developed for simulate the behavior of gas stirred ladle. In this paper, the injection of air in water was simulated, in a scale model of 1/7 of an industrial 35 ton steel ladle with a porous plug located eccentric 2/3 of the radius in order to increase the mixing process and eliminating the dead zones. For the analysis the model the multiphase  Eulerian three-dimensional was used. The numerical models has been applied and compared with experiments to investigate their differences and theirs potentials of predicting the flow in gas stirred ladle 3D, transient with turbulence using standard k-epsilon in the  finite volume method of the commercial program FLUENT™ 6.3.
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Computational Fluid Dynamics; Discrete Phase Model; Stirred Ladle; Gas Stirring

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