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Structural and Magnetic Study of a Metal Excess Spinel: Cu1.15Cr1.15Zr0.85Se4

K. Belakroum(1*), Z. Ouili(2), P. Molinié(3), A. Leblanc-Soreau(4)

(1) Department of Physics, Mentouri-Constantine University Road of Ain El Bey, Algeria
(2) Department of Physics, Mentouri-Constantine University Road of Ain El Bey, Algeria
(3) Jean Rouxel Materials Institute, France
(4) Jean Rouxel Materials Institute, France
(*) Corresponding author

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The compound Cu1.15Cr1.15Zr0.85Se4 has been studied by X-ray diffraction. It belongs to the spinel structural type, but the formula indicates a copper excess with respect to the ideal spinel composition. The spinel structure was confirmed by X-ray diffractometry technique. The lattice parameter a with an accuracy of ±0.003Å was determined using Bragg peaks of XRD pattern. The structural refinements have been performed according to the Rietveld method to the stoichiometric compound CuCrZrSe4. Chromium and tin are located on the 16d octahedral sites (B-sublattice of the spinel structure). Low field DC magnetization measurements (ZFC-FC measurements), magnetic hysterisis were performed by using SQUID magnetometer (the superconducting quantum interference device). The average effective magnetic moment is there equal to 4.25μB and 4.26μB/Cr-atom. In addition a successive magnetic transition suggesting spin-glass transition at low temperatures.
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Cu1.15Cr1.15Zr0.85Se4; CuCrZrSe4; XRD; spin-glass; DC measurements

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