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Materials Developed by Mechanical Alloying and Melt Spinning

Joan Josep Suñol(1*), Joaquim Fort(2)

(1) Dept. Physics, Girona University, Spain
(2) Dept. Physics, Girona University, Spain
(*) Corresponding author

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Materials science is a multidisciplinary research topic related to the development of physics and technology. Mechanical alloying of ribbon flakes is a two steps route to develop advanced materials. In this work, a Fe based alloy was obtained using three pathways: mechanical alloying, melt-spinning and mechanical alloying of previously melt-spun samples. Processing conditions allow us to obtain amorphous or nanocrystalline structures.  Furthermore, a bibliographic revision of mechanical alloying is here presented.
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Mechanical Alloying; Fe Based Alloys; XRD; DSC

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