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The Yule Process Revisited: Exploring its Potential in the Engineering Analysis of Certain Chemical Reactions

Thomas Zoltan Fahidy(1*)

(1) Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada
(*) Corresponding author

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In a typical Yule process, a substance or species present at zero time in a certain number grows, as time progresses, according to an evolution scheme where the probability of finding exactly a (non-zero) number of the same entity is predicted by the negative binomial distribution of (classical) probability theory. The success probability of a single statistical trial, however, decays exponentially with time. Potential applications to chemical engineering are illustrated by means of a biochemical and an electrochemical reaction, where the absence of appropriate kinetic data precludes an immediate employ of conventional reaction theory.
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Yule Process; Pure Birth; Probability; Biochemical Evolution; Copper Powder Particles

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