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Evaluation of a Prototype Biodigester for the Production of Organic Fertilizer from Cow Dung

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The main objective of this research work was to evaluate the technological characteristics of a prototype biodigester for the production of organic fertilizer using cow dung. The result of the analysis conducted shows that the rate of production of both the gas and organic fertilizer depends on technological characteristics of the equipment. At an environmental temperature of between 35°C and 37°C, the optimum operating condition observed were: PH between 7.0-7.3, feed moisture content of 13.5% and 22.7%, and extent of biodegradation was 32.7% for cow dung. The digested slurry was deodorized and disinfected for safe handling and can be applied to agricultural plants as organic fertilizer.
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Biogas Production; Anaerobic and Aerobic Digestion; Organic Fertilizer

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