Recent Advances in Carbon-Based Sulfonated Catalyst: Preparation and Application

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Carbon-based sulfonated catalyst (CBSC) becomes a research hot-spot in recent years. In this paper, the preparation and application of CBSC are reviewed. In the preparation of CBSC, various carbon raw materials, various sulfonating agents, and various carbonization operation conditions have been developed. Biomass derived CBSC would be promising as biomass is renewable, abundant, low-cost, and easy for preparation. CBSC was widely studied and showed high catalytic activities in many chemical reactions, including hydrolysis, dehydration, esterification, alkylation, condensation, oxathioketalization, dimerization, benzylation and trimethylsilylation, etc. CBSC is a high potential solid acid catalyst due to its high catalytic activities and extensive applications. However, further works on economic study, improvement of catalytic stability, and mechanical strength should be conducted
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Sulfonated Catalyst; Solid Acid; Biomass; Carbonization; Catalytic Activity

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