Vol 14, No 4 (2023)

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Enhanced Performance of Fracture Strength of Rubberized Concrete Panels by External Reinforcement PDF
Thaer Jasim Mohammed, Khalid Mohammed Breesem, Abeer F. Hussein 264-271

Diagnostic Study of the Possibility of Damaged Sewn Sandwiches to Undergo a New Impact PDF
Amina Assouli, Bounoua Tab, Fodil Hammadi, Mohammad Mahdi Kheirikhah, Ahmed Tafraoui 272-280

Decision Making for the Location of Transit Oriented Development: a Case Study in Developing Country PDF
Indra Tjahjani, Herawati Zetha Rahman, Perdana Miraj 281-290

Grey Earned Duration Management: a New Schedule Monitoring Approach PDF
Chitti Babu Kapuganti, K. V. G. D. Balaji, T. Santhosh Kumar, I. L. N. Prasad 291-299

Estimating Ultimate Moment Capacity of Spirally Reinforced Concrete Columns Using Various Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Faroq Maraqa, Jamal Al Adwan, Yazan Alzubi, Bilal Yasin, Ahmed Khatatbeh 300-307

Experimental Simulation of Interaction Between Weir – Gate Hydraulic Structure and Dikes PDF
Rafi Mohammed Qasim, Ihsan Abdulkareem Abdulhussein, Khalid Al-Asadi 308-319

Shear Strength of SFRC Beams Without Coarse Aggregate Using Finite Element Analysis with Bond-Slip PDF
D. Christianto, Tavio Tavio, M. R. Irianto 320-330

Precooling Massive Concrete Mixes Using Cooled Aggregates or Chilled Water PDF
Malik Ismail Alamayreh, Ali Alahmer, Subhi M. Bazlamit, Mai Bani Younes 331-339

Advantages of Using Inverted T-Sections to Construct Cantilever RC Beams PDF
Abdul Kareem M. B. Al-Shammaa, Ghusoon Sadiq Al-Qaisee, Bashar Rasheed Al-Hamami 340-347

Relative Transmissibility to Control Isolator Displacement Under Earthquakes PDF
Cesar A. Morales 348-356

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