Vol 13, No 3 (2022)

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Building 3D CityGML Model and Digital Management of a Vernacular Architecture PDF
Domenica Costantino, Massimiliano Pepe, Vincenzo Saverio Alfio, Gabriele Vozza, Massimo Occhinegro 156-162

Engineering Method for Calculating the Process of Heating Concrete Structures in Heating Formworks PDF
Yuri Vytchikov, Damir Kutliyarov, Ayrat Khafizov, Mikhail Saparev, Bulat Bulatov, Igor Nedoseko 163-171

Utilization of Waste Clay Bricks and Waste Lightweight Concrete Blocks as Fine Aggregates for the Preparation of Mortar PDF
Zaid Ali Hasan, Nada Hadi Jumaa, Huda Zuhair Kubba, Shereen Qasim Abdulridha 172-180

Effects of Lime Addition on the Plasticity of Tropical Clay Soils with Different Mineralogical Composition PDF
Adil Abdallah Mohammed Elhassan, Ahmed Mohamed Elsharief 181-189

Experimental Investigation of Plastic Waste Effect on Concrete Mechanical and Durability Properties PDF
Ola Adel Qasim, Salim H. Jassam 190-197

Influence of Jordanian Bentonite as Partial Replacement of Cement and Fine Aggregate on the Workability, Mechanical Properties and Impermeability of Concrete PDF
Raed M. Abendeh, Rana A. Alhorani, Mousa I. Bani Baker, Samaher A. Asaad, Hesham S. Ahmad 198-207

Impact of Different Curing Techniques on Some Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Silica Fume PDF
Maitham Fadhil Alwash, Jinan Jawad Hassan Alwash, Hassanean S. H. Jassim 208-215

Accident Potential vs. Accident Involvement: the Role of Risky Behaviors in Identifying High-Risk Drivers PDF
Mahdi Karam Shehab 216-225

Studying the Impact of Imposed Actual Loads on the Non-Destructive Test Results for Evaluating the Compressive Strength and Other Properties of Concrete PDF
Haider Mohammed Al-Baghdadi, Hanaa Mohammed Mahan, Ali Shubbar, Zainab S. Al-Khafaji 226-233

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