Vol 7, No 6 (2016)

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Probabilistic Method for Service Life Estimation of Reinforced Concrete Roof Trusses of Operated Industrial Building PDF
V. A. Pshenichkina, Kseniya N. Sukhina, V. V. Drozdov, V. A. Babalich, K. A. Sukhin, A. N. Zhukov 158-163

Enhancing Ecological Safety in the Process of Construction and Repair Works Applying Dry Building Binder Mixes PDF
N. V. Menzelintseva, N. Y. Karapuzova, I. V. Stefanenko, Awadh Redhwan 164-167

Resistance of Concrete Cured in Hot Climate to Magnesium and Sodium Sulfate Attacks: Effect of Sand’s Mineralogy PDF
Abdelhafid Benammar, M. Merbouh, N. Bella, I. A. Bella, B. Glaoui 168-175

Climate Change Impact on Water Quality in Song Khram Basin, Thailand PDF
Jirawat Supakosol, Anongrit Kangrang 176-184

Numerical Simulation of the Hot Weather on Concrete at Early Age PDF
Mouna Barhmi, M'hammed Merbouh, Hamid Khachab, Nabil Bella, Mohammed El Mir, Ilham Aguida Bella 185-191

Efficiency of Standards Compliance for РМ10 and РМ2,5 PDF
N. V. Menzelintseva, N. Y. Karapuzova, Y. S. Mikhailovskaya, A. M. Redhwan 192-195

Comparative Analysis of the Rebound Hammer and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity in Testing Concrete with Multi-Variation Equation PDF
Rafah Rasheed Abdul Majeed, Dillshad K. H. Amen, Nazik Khalid Hassan 196-200

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