Vol 4, No 4 (2013)

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Research of Charring and Resulting Char in Natural and Treated Timber PDF
R. Mačiulaitis, A. Jefimovas, D. Sikarskas 155-161

Cement Type Influence on Fire Resistance of Concrete PDF
V. Jocius, G. Skripkiūnas, D. Lipinskas 162-167

Strength Development and Water Permeability of Hybrid Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete PDF
M. P. Singh, S. P. Singh, A. P. Singh 168-177

Plastic Behaviour of a T-Stub in Bolted End-Plate Connections PDF
B. Nasser, R. Soltani, A. Mahmoudi, A. Boutaleb 178-183

Clay Layer Consolidation Delimited Between Sheets with Small Permeability PDF
Shahin Nayyeri Amiri, Asad Esmaeily 184-188

Behaviour of R C Wide Beams Using Headed Bars in Lap Splices PDF
Ahmed M. Tarabia, Mohie S. Shoukry, Ahmed M. Yassin 189-195

An Approximate Method of Determining the Equivalent Diagonal Strut Stiffness of the Completely Infilled Masonry in Plane Reinforced Concrete Frames PDF
D. L. K. Quoc, B. C. Thanh, N. V. Yen 196-202

Seismicity of Oltenia Region of Romania Through the Effects of the Major 1977 Vrancea Earthquake on Related Housing PDF
M. Calbureanu, R. Malciu, E. Albota 203-208

Diagnosis of Fire Safety in Masonry Churches in Curitiba - The Case Study in Green Capital of Brazil PDF
Carlos Nápoli Vieira, Ana Paula Bonini Penteado, Carolina Rodrigues Michaud, Debora Marques de Lara, Rodrigo Eduardo Catai 209-214

Analysis of Hammer Head at Increased Flow Demand in Pipe Networks: A Case Study PDF
Subhasish Das, Biprodip Mukherjee, Asis Mazumdar 215-224

Numerical Analysis of Reinforced Embankment Over Soft Foundation PDF
Javad Safadoust, Shahin Nayyeri Amiri, Asad Esmaeily 225-232

Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall PDF
Javad Safadoust, Shahin Nayyeri Amiri, Asad Esmaeily 233-239

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