Vol 12, No 4 (2021)

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Investigations on the Effects of Styrene Butadiene Styrene in Asphalt Mixture Design
Mohammad T. Awwad

Concrete Bricks Manufactured Using EPS Beads with Steel Fibers
Hasan Jasim Mohammed, Abdulrahman Eyada Ibrahim, Harith Abdullah Ali, Saad Mawlood Saab

Influence of Lime Treatment on the Mechanical Behaviour of a Compressed Earth Block
Karim khiro Sebaa, Assia Benchouk, Feth-Ellah Mounir Derfouf, Khalffallah Mekaideche, Nabil Abou-Bekr, Said Taibi

Modeling Operating Speed on Multilane Highways Using Global Positioning System Data
Abdulrazzaq J. Alkherret, Musab Y. Abuaddous, Ja’far A. Al Btoosh, Mousa I. Bani Baker

The Impact of Rice Husks Ash on Some Mechanical Features of Reactive Powder Concrete with High Sulfate Content in Fine Aggregate
Haider Mohammed Al-Baghdadi, Ali A. Shubbar, Zainab S. Al-Khafaji

Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices in Construction Organizations: A Review
Hamna Bukhari, Muhammad Ali Musarat, Wesam Salah Alaloul, Muhammad Altaf

The Effect of the Reinforcing Agent from Construction Waste on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete
Valeriy Chernavin, Dmitrii Benin, Darya Galkina, Lubov Vorona-Slivinskaya

Development of Decision-Making Support Tools for Future Reservoir Management Under Climate and Land Cover Variability: A Case Study
Anujit Phumiphan, Anongrit Kangrang

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