Vol 14, No 2 (2023)

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Numerical Study of Concrete Beams With and Without Stirrups Under Impact Loading
Marwah Sami Abduljabbar, Wael Shawky Abdulsahib, Bayrak S. Almuhsin

GIS And Multi-Objective Optimization Model for the Design of Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems: Case Study of the Province of Tiznit, Morocco
Otman Ait Ihia, Driss Khomsi, Naoual Semlali Aouragh Hassani, Raounak Edderkaoui

Fly Ashes for Concrete Blocks
Olga N. Yepes-Gaviria, Haidee Y. Jaramillo, July A. Gomez-Camperos

Effect of Backfilling Material on the Deformation of Buried Pipeline Adjacent Trench Excavation
Ghusoon Sadiq Al-Qaisee, Aymen R. Rashid Mohammed

Analysis of Debris Flow Hazard in Volcanic Soil by the Flood Flows Modelling (DFLOWZ) and Nakayasu Synthetic Unit Hydrograph
I Nengah Sinarta, Putu Ika Wahyuni, Putu Aryastana

Reconstruction of the Destroyed Leaning Minaret of Al-Hadba Utilizing Aesthetic Characteristics
Inaam A. Al-Bazzaz, Farhan Awad Jasim, Ali Majid Hameed

Utilizing Waste-Plastic Pipes as Hoops in Circular Concrete Columns
Shamil K. Ahmed, Zaid Al-Azzawi, Saad Jasim

Waste Heat Recovery to Improve the Carbon Footprint a Case Study: Cement Industry in Jordan
Mohammad Hamdan, Thekra Al-Kasasbeh, Bashar Qawasmeh, Anwar Al Assaf

Torsion Strength Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Beams
Ahmed Faleh Al-Bayati

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