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On the Acoustical Absorption of a Sandwich Plates with Perforated Material by the Transfer Matrix Method

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In this paper, the acoustical absorption of sandwich plates with perforated material, for normal incidence wave to layers, is studied by using the transfer matrix method. The effect of acoustical, mechanical and geometrical parameters of the plies is analyzed. In the first part, the results of the acoustical absorption coefficient for a perforated plate are compared to those of fibrous open perforated material. In the second part the influence of the addition of skins on both sides of the layer is studied. The third part relates to the study of sensitivity of various parameters of a sandwich plate in perforated material. Finally, the effect of the number of reasons is studied. The obtained results are compared with an analytical and experimental results found in the literature. This leads to conclude about the acoustical performances of the sandwich plates with perforated material.
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Acoustic; Absorption; Transfer Matrix; Composite Stratified; Sandwich Plates; Perforated Material

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