Deformations in Round-Profiled Threads and their Influence on the Screw Durability

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The article discusses a calculation procedure for determining deformations and load distribution in round-profiled threads under general load conditions. It is shown that on manufacturing of threaded parts with different classes of accuracy owing to a small theoretical linear contact between screw and nut threads the real contact can be moved up to rounded portions of the thread crests.  In this case the contact and bending deformations of the threads will have a great influence on the screw durability. The equations for calculation both these deformations and the deformations from thread shearing are given. The load distribution in screw drive with the round-profiled thread is shown in comparison with the load distribution in the widely used screw-drive with the trapezoidal thread. The law of change of the load value on the most loaded thread depending on a screw diameter and a number of the working threads are given as well. A comparative analysis for guarantee the equal durability of the thread and the screw shank is carried out
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Screw Drive; Round Thread; Deformations; Load Distribution

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