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A Beam Finite Element Based on the Explicit Finite Element Method

L. T. Tenek(1*)

(1) General Department-Section of Mechanics, Polytechnic School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
(*) Corresponding author



The present article presents a new three-dimensional beam finite element, the element EB6, based on explicit theory. To the element is assigned a set of modes. A diagonal Modal elemental stiffness matrix is formed which through a series of matrix transformations relates to the local and global coordinate systems. An initial load due to temperature is derived, as well as the elemental mass matrix and the geometric stiffness. All quantities are explicitly defined. The element is used to study a number of beam, arc, and frame structures. Computational aspects of the element are also provided.
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Explicit FEM; Beam Element; Modes; Stress Wave Pattern; Computing

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