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Effect of Diamond Ball Burnishing on Surface Characteristics and Fatigue Strength of XC55 Steel

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Investigation on the effect of surface quality of lathe machined down XC55 steel work piece on the fatigue strength has been carried out. The mechanical surface treatment was achieved by elastic-plastic cold working in the near-surface region through a ball burnishing finishing operation. The results showed improvement in surface roughness (Ra) from 1.49 µm to 0.45 µm and increase in hardness (Hv) from 300.8 to 537.35. These were in good agreement with results predicted from a mathematical model based on full factorial experiment method. The fatigue strength of pieces subjected to ball burnishing revealed 40% and 30% high resistance then those pieces that have respectively undergone lathe turning and grinding. This was due to compressive residual stresses that the burnishing process generated on the outer surfaces.
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Machining; Ball Burnishing; Roughness; Hardness; Residual Stresses; Fatigue Strength

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