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Dewatering Effect on Piles Behaviour in Piled Raft System Due to Use PLAXIS-3D

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The study has aimed to investigate the piles behaviour in the piled raft system through the loading process with the nearby line drain influence utilized as a dewatering operation through the two soil layers below the piles group. The pile behaviour has included axial force, bending moment, lateral displacement, and vertical displacement at different piles locations within the group, the corner, the edge and the centre. The three-dimensional finite element PLAXIS 3D has been used to imitate the trouble. The soil has been supposed to be consisting of two layers deposit, the upper layer has been the clayey layer obeying the soft soil criterion, and the other layer has been the sandy layer obeying the Mohr-Coulomb failure principle. The results have indicated a significant influence of line drain on the group's corner and edge piles, while the line drain's insignificant effect at other piles has been observed. Furthermore, after dewatering, the axial forces and the bending moment have been highly increased for external piles, while a contrary behaviour for centre piles has been noticed. All examined piles have suffered lateral and vertical displacement after dewatering.
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Dewatering; Line Drain; Model Pile; Piled Raft

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