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Radon Gas Measurements in Integral Water Cycle Facilities on El Hierro (Canary Islands, Spain)

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The emission of radon gas from soil is related to the uranium content of the rocks that make up the soil. In the Canary Islands, whose territory is volcanic, the uranium content of rock formations is high, so high values of radon gas concentration are expected in closed and underground places. This research, located on the island of El Hierro, is being carried out to determine the concentrations of radon gas in the island's integral water cycle facilities. The results obtained show a clear difference between underground facilities related to water collection and facilities such as desalination and water treatment plants above ground. The study was conducted in the three municipalities that make up the island and the values obtained, in general, are less than 300 Bq/m3, although the water gallery, being an underground installation, is where the highest concentration of this gas has been obtained.
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Radon Gas; Natural Radiation; Canary Islands; Water Cycle

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