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Mechanical and Durability Properties of Green Concrete

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This research is designed to assess the durability characteristics of green concrete and its compressive and flexural behavior. It measures the possibility of using by product materials in the concrete mix as cement partial replacement. Thus, the experimental compressive stress-strain curves are measured for the cylinder specimens made with green concrete. Furthermore, the durability of green concrete is evaluated using the thaw-freeze test and ultrasonic pulse velocity test. The flexural behavior of green concrete is also investigated. Prismatic beams and cylinder specimens are cast from different types of green concrete made from different by product materials including fuel ash, silica fume, and iron filings using two different percentages 15% and 20% as cement partial replacement. The prismatic specimens are cured over 550 days and then exposed to 60 thaw-freeze cycles. Although concrete made with pulverized fuel ash has the highest compressive strength at 120 days, it has the worst durability characteristics when exposed to 60 iterative thaw/freeze cycles at 550 days. Concrete made with iron filings is more durable than other specimens are. It is recommended using iron filings, pulverized fuel ash and silica fume in the concrete mix. However, iron filings are highly recommended for durable concrete.
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Durability; Fuel Ash; Silica-Fume; Iron Filing; Thaw-Freeze; Green Concrete

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