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Improving Project Monitoring by Integrating BIM with Augmented Reality

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Monitoring the projects during the implementation stage is considered one of the necessary and important things to ensure that the work is carried out according to the design requirements. Many engineers rely on the traditional approach of auditing construction works by relying on 2D drawings, which are usually fragmented and uncoordinated. Therefore, they have difficulty in understanding the precise details of the drawings to compare them with the actual reality of the construction project. The research aims to improve the monitoring of complex projects during the construction stage and discover any conflict that may occur. The research methodology aims to create a 4D BIM model to know the sequence of the construction stages of the project and turn these stages into the augmented reality models in order to use it in project monitoring. This idea has been applied to a real case study in Iraq. The results explain that this approach presents a realistic solution to construction monitoring and facilitates the communication among project participants.
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BIM 4D; Augmented Reality; Monitoring; Auditing; Mobile Device

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