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Behavior of Ferrocement Slabs Strengthening with Jute Fibers under Impact Load

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The presented study is an experimental investigation that addresses the effects of jute fibers on the behavior of ferrocement slabs of  dimensions 500 x 500 x 50 mm subjected to impact load, and it compares the obtained results with the reference ferrocement slabs. Three main cases of strengthening of slabs under the impact load have been investigated. In the first case, a square layer of jute fibers of dimensions 250×250 mm has been subjected to the impact load at the center of the slab. In the second case, jute fibers have been placed  in two perpendicular directions at a distance of 50x450 mm, leaving a clear gap of 50 mm between the fibers, while in the third case, the jute fibers have been placed in two directions at a distance of 100x450 mm, leaving a clear gap of 75 mm between the fibers. The test results show that strengthening of the slabs with jute fiber strips significantly enhances the impact load strength. The best results have been achieved in the second case, when the strips of 50 mm width have been used. Such a configuration has enhanced the three failure statuses of test, first crack, slight separation, and full perforation by 722.58%, 232.26%, and 206.18%, respectively, when compared to the reference specimens.
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Ferrocement Slabs; Impact Load; Jute Fibers

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