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Investigating the Effect of Seismic Loads on Multi-Story Buildings with Different Shear Wall Configurations and Building’s Ratios

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One of the main and major drawbacks of conventional and rather high rise buildings is developing lateral displacements arising from lateral loads which finally make the whole structure uneconomical. In this research, a considerable effort has been made in order to investigate the effect of shear walls configurations on the lateral displacement in addition to maximum storey drift of the structure. Shear walls can be considered as one of the basic important structural elements. When a structure is subjected to external lateral loads, such as wind loads, earthquake loads etc. these walls play the main role in increasing both the strength and the safety of the structures. Therefore, this study presents the effect of configurations of shear walls, which significantly affect the behavior of the structure under loading. In order to investigate this hypothesis, four different shapes and locations of shear walls have been considered. Additionally, three different building heights (10, 20 and 30 stories), and three various ratios of the building’s length to its width (1:1, 1:1.5 and 1:2) have been taken in order to finish this research. Finite Element based software ETABS 2015 has been used for modeling and analyzing purposes. All the models have been analyzed, and the comparison of the results has been done for lateral displacement and storey drift ratio.
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Shear Wall; ETABS; Different Shapes and Locations; Seismic Forces; Seismic Analysis

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