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Factors Affecting Safety in Construction Projects

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This paper deals with the factors affecting occupational safety in construction projects. Previous literature has been explored and a field study to explore the opinions, proposals and directions of the relevant experts in the field of safety in construction projects. Questionnaire forms of 25 questions have been distributed among 60 experts. The SPSS program has been used to analyze the questionnaire forms to test the hypotheses of the research. Statistical methods that fit with nature and methodology of this study have been used. Kendall's W Test has been used to assess the agreement between experts. Mean rank has been used to prioritize the importance of safety factors. It has been found out that the first aid should be provided for the project, maintenance of safety equipment, follow-up of its use, assignment of employment according to their experience, safety management programs, training of workers and the inclusion of safety requirements in contracts for construction projects are the important factors respectively. Kruskal-Wallis test has been carried out to check the concordance between the experts according to their academic standing and experience.
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Construction Safety; Occupational Safety; Safety Management

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