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Experimental Investigation of Pile Foundation Subjected to Lateral Static and Cyclic Loadings

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The major challenges that arise during the construction of huge buildings, require an  increased studies on the performance of piles (single or group) under the influence of many variables, which would make the building safer.  The aim of this study is to observe the behavior of this type of deep foundations under the influence of a specific number of factors that are expected to be affected in some ways by the general behavior of these foundations. This result has contributed to the development of the reaction of this system. A laboratory system has been developed in order to simulate the reality of the situation in the terms of the presence of the surrounding soil as well as the systems of loads application and the tools used to record the results accurately. In this study, the piles were used from aluminum with slenderness ratio (L/D) of 25 and 40.  The raining technique has been used to prepare the sand soil in order to reach the relative density (Dr) of 70%. The static load has been applied by lateral cable fixed at the top of the pile, while the cyclic load has been applied to use a new system, which has been developed by the authors. The results of the study have found out the type and the magnitude of the deformation, which have been very influenced by the load intensity and magnitude. In addition, the shape of the piles and the group configuration also affect the behavior of the foundation. From these results and other similar ones, civil engineering projects are safer if used at the design stages.
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Pile; Pile Group; Experimental Program; Cyclic Load

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