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Parametrical Study in Non-Linear Numerical Analysis of a Coupling Beam with Steel Truss Configuration in Shear Wall System

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The coupling beam with steel truss configuration is a viable alternative for steel coupling beam structure. The system uses a steel truss, which is easier to be constructed than the typically reinforced concrete coupling beam. In this paper, a simple type of coupling beam with steel truss configuration created by angle profiles has been modelled in numerical simulation for replacing typical reinforcement of coupling beams. The experimental study has shown that steel truss-coupling beam using the steel angle profiles can show fairly well behaviour under lateral load. In this study, the non-linear finite element using non-linear time history analysis in SAP2000 has been applied to simulate the overall behaviour of previously tested of steel truss coupling beam. The strength of the material, the geometrical and the loading history are adopted from experimental testing. Several parameters in quasi-static loading analysis need to be determined such as the non-linear material of plastic hinge, the time step, and the damping. The numerical results will be compared to the experimental result in order to validate the outcomes. From the numerical analysis, it can be appointed that the ultimate strength capacity adequately shows behaviours between the actual tests. Finally, the model that considers the appropriate non-linear material of plastic hinge due to buckling, the time step with slow hydraulic jack movement, and damping ratio as main parameters can predict quite well the test results in term of hysteretic shape. According to the numerical simulation, the degree of rigidity also plays an important role and should be considered in the design phase in order to investigate the end connections of truss element in the steel truss coupling beam in the shear wall system.
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Coupling Beam; Steel Truss Configuration; Non-Linear Material; Numerical Analysis

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