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Alternative Solutions for Consolidation Problems in Isotropic Clay Stratum Using Laplace Heaviside’s Theorem

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This study offers an alternative analytical solution, for one and two-dimensional consolidation problem, for functionally-homogenous isotropic clay layer. The fundamental analytical solution presented in this study is derived based on the Laplace transform which eliminates the time-dependent and Heaviside's inversion theorem to extract the inverse. The alternative solutions have been derived based on the governing available fundamental consolidation equations solution. The derived solutions have shown good estimation with the exact solution. The two dimensions of isotopic permeability expressed significant influence on the accumulated excess pore water pressure and approximate time for full consolidation. The analytical solution shows identical results with the numerical one.
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Consolidation; Excess Pore Water Pressure; Finite Soil Layer; Isotropic Permeability; Laplace Transform

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