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Durability and Structural Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete: a Review

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The waste generated from construction and demolition is considered the major waste produced in the world in terms of the volume. This waste can be recycled and reused in the production of new concrete for new construction projects such as roads, buildings and bridges. This can help in reducing the need for new natural materials such as coarse and fine aggregate, reduce the overall construction project cost and enhance the environment, which is gaining more attention and being encouraged by most world countries these days. Recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) is being investigated in research and used in many construction projects over the last 20 years. In this paper, a detailed review of recent research conducted on RAC in terms of concrete durability, characteristics and structural performance under different loading conditions is presented. Finally, conclusions and future trends of research associated with RAC are presented in order to efficiently promote more use of RAC.
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Recycled Aggregate Concrete; Treatment; Durability; Admixtures; Environment

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