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Assessment of the Applicability of Pushover Analysis for a Concrete Gravity Dam

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The aim of the current paper is the assessment of the applicability of Pushover analysis for a concrete gravity dam by using SAP 2000 software. In order to achieve this result, a concrete gravity dam with 45m of height and 40m of water level in the reservoir has been studied. The dam is supposed to be fixed in a rigid foundation. The loads taken into account in the simulation are the weight, the hydrostatic pressure and the inertial forces (dam + reservoir). The hydrodynamic pressure has been evaluated by the Westergaard method. Pushover analysis has been performed for two types of lateral loads specifics to gravity dams: uniform load pattern and first mode load pattern. The nonlinear seismic response obtained by Pushover analysis has been compared to the nonlinear time history analysis. The results have showed that both forms of lateral load pattern tested are valid for nonlinear static analysis. Furthermore, Pushover analysis can be a good alternative to nonlinear time history analysis if some improvements made, more especially the Soil-Structure Interaction.
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Seismic; Pushover; Nonlinear Time History; Analysis; Concrete Gravity Dam; Westeergaard; SAP 2000

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