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The Performance of the Nailed Slab System-Supported Embankment on Peat Soil

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This study presents the effect of pile length and connection with the performance of the nailed slab system as supporting embankment load on peat soil. Various times-settlement performances that have reflected different piles length and connection have been observed. The consolidation settlement behavior at several models has been simulated using Asaoka method in order to obtain the coefficient of consolidation. It has been obtained that the nailed slab system is able to decrease the stress distribution in the soil foundation. This can have a significant effect on the stability embankment, and hence, the type of connections pile with the slab will specify for the embankment load on peat soil. The addition of the pile element under the slab can contribute to the resisting forces, reducing consolidation settlement, increasing slab stiffness, and hence the overall stability of the embankment.
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Peat; Nailed Slab System; Embankment; Pile; Influence Factor; Correction Factor

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